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Remote Controls

Walvoil - Hydraulic Pilot Control Valves - SV - SVP

Hydraulic pilot device for the remote proportional control of directional control valves or pumps. Made from a cast iron body, a kinematic control kit with spring return, friction or detent and various control systems such as ergonomic handles, hand levers, pedals, etc.

Each working section includes 2 off 3-way pressure reducing valves.
Reduced effort and high metering allow simple and precise operations.

Operating Conditions

> Minimum Flow: 5 l/min
> Maximum Flow: 15 l/min
> Maximum Feeding Pressure: 100BAR - 1450 psi
> Maximum Controlled Pressure: 64BAR - 930 psi
> Maximum Backpressure: 3BAR - 43.5 psi

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